Let it Snow!!


"Riders of Rohan!"

Dean's first time sledding!

Snow Queen

I grew up a California girl and I’m not used to the cold. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually quite enjoying our little corner of Winter Wonderland.

Today I took all the kids sledding. (Yes, I caved. I totally caved and pulled out the sleds early. I couldn’t help myself. One snowfall + kids out of school=need to go sledding.) Anyways, we asked around and found “the hill.” Steep, long, and with a huge, unobstructed field at the bottom. We had a blast! I felt 10 again shooting down those sheets of packed snow. It was like a roller coaster ride except there was no waiting in line, no height requirement, and best of all: no nausea! We were on that hill for hours. You don’t get cold when you keep having to trek up the snow for the next ride down.

Paul has introduced Andy to “The Lord of the Rings” and while he was blazing down the snow he kept shouting their war cries like, “Riders of Rohan!” and “Elves of the Woodland Realm!” and “there may come a day when the hearts of men shall fail them…but today is not that day!!!”

Kate discovered she could make really good distance if she lay flat on her back while speeding down. I think I may have a future winter olympic skeleton champion on my hands.

Luke refused to get on the sled, so he went down the hill penguin style: face down on his tummy, no sled. I would’ve gotten him on the sled at least once, but I had Mr. Dean in my arms. Paul will have to come next time.

Another instance this week when I thought to myself, “hey, I like the cold,” was making Christmas goodies. I had baking sheets and baking sheets of peanut brittle, toffee and things dipped in chocolate that needed to cool and I had an entire backyard as my freezer! I just slipped them out onto our patio table and they were cooled and hard in minutes! I also defrosted a turkey in my garage. Buy way too much milk at Costco? No problem! Just put it out on the porch! It’s like having a second fridge.

As long as I get a nice spring in March, I think this California girl just might stay a while. After all, “there may come a day when I will curse the snow and refuse to go outside….but today was not that day!


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  1. I love it. Riders of Rohan… good man you married. I’m a LOTR fan as well and you had me giggling. FYI, totally enjoying your blog. Well done. Hope to see you guys in January. Merry Christmas, Meg.

    xo Mar

  2. don’t worry- that day will come in february. if not before. when it is all gray and bleak and dreary and you fear you will never see color again. Kinda like october in Arizona when you actually believe for a moment that the summer will never end. but instead of insessant heat, it will be slush in your boots.

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