So Sweet


"I'm a big fan of licking the bowl!"

Sigh. You can not believe how many holiday treats and sweets we have consumed this past week. Well, maybe you can.

Let’s do a run down, shall we? Here’s a list of what we mass produced in our very own kitchen: peanut brittle, toffee, gingerbread house (ok, just one of those-but it was a doozy,) banana muffins, gingerbread men, chocolate peanut clusters, chocolate dipped pretzels, and homemade marshmallows. Do you have a toothache yet?

We also live in a very generous neighborhood, where on any given evening, the doorbell will ring two or three times with a neighbor or friends bringing a plate of homemade goodies. We love it here! Once, last year, our kids got in a scuffle about who ate the last treat that was on the red paper plate on the counter…just a second ag0! To resolve the matter, I said, “Why don’t you go check outside on the doorstep. I’m sure there’s another one.” Sure enough, there was!

I have yet to mention all the other festival foods that have passed through these lips onto the hips via Christmas parties: all the mashed potatoes and gravy, roasts, hams, wonderful and odd things done to Jello, hors devours involving at least one brick of cream cheese, and desserts to boot.

Let’s not forget our friends “Candy Canes” and “Hot Chocolate.”

And then the madness and insanity that comes with all of the making, baking, packaging and delivering. (The delivering is actually kind of fun because we like to ding dong ditch and run like mad in the dark, frosty night. The kids LOVE it.)

My sister-in-law decided to bypass the gingerbread middle-man and go straight to decorating milk cartons with frosting and candies. They call it their little who-ville village. Brilliant.

As for me, the foods I’m most looking forward to are the carrot sticks and celery stalks we will leave out for Santa’s reindeer!


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