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I love movies. Don’t we all? But how much is too much? I don’t know.

Today’s lunch at Costco stared my three older kids doing their best Alvin and the Chipmunk impressions.

“Cheeseballs? This is the best day of my life!” squeaks Kate.

Andy takes a deep breath as if inhaling a helium balloon, “No, no, no, Kate. They sound like this: Fire in the hole!”

I have to admit, they are pretty good and the table next to us is having a good chuckle.

Then there’s Luke’s outfit. He is on day 3 of wearing his favorite Buzz Lightyear costume. (I’m convinced they only make that costume in a size 3T.) He wore it all day Saturday and then pitched a bona fide fit when we asked him to change for the church Christmas party that night. So Buzz came along and we had a pleasant evening.  We did manage to get him in a collared shirt and tie for church services, but then it was back on. He wore it again all day today. To Costco, Wal-Mart, friend’s houses, you name it. I do make him take it off for bed because he can’t undo the back zipper without help and those 2am potty calls are no respecter of zippers.

This past summer we decided to cancel our cable service and go without TV. At least until college football started. It was fabulous, it really was. But when we all needed a little break from the scorching sun and I just had to get something done–out came a movie! So instead of becoming the summer with no TV, it became the summer of Star Wars. All six episodes.

For the first time ever we have a car with a built in DVD player. Just got it. At first I thought, “this will make long car trips so much easier!” Now it’s making every trip to the corner store so much easier. We have been watching those old Christmas movies non-stop this month. You know, Rudolph and the Misfit Toys, Frosty the Snowman and The Cricket on the Hearth. You catch new things as the driver when you can only listen. My line for the week is, “she thinks I’m cuuuuuuute!”

After Christmas I’ve decided the DVD player in the car needs to take a long hiatus so we can get back to rocking out to High School Musical 3 and having Kate tell me I’m only allowed to sing the boy parts. I’m glad Troy Bolton and I have the same range.


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