The Late Night Show


Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas break. Wahoo! You would’ve thought half-day kindergarten was an incredibly rigorous course the way Kate burst out of those school doors at 10:50am. She sluffed off her backpack and kicked off her boots as if they were weights and shackles. I guess all that snow flake making and devouring candy canes from Santa really took the starch out of her.

The thing Andy has been waiting for, however, is the freedom to stay up late. Paul promised them a movie marathon night when Christmas break started.

“You mean we can stay up forever and ever?” asked Luke.

“Yes,” assured Paul.

Paul was sure the kids would all peter out by 10 o’clock. 11 tops. Well, Mr. Stay-Up-Forever was out by 9:30, and Kate soon followed. Dean didn’t stand a chance. Andy, however, was still going strong at 2am. Amid two parents floating in and out of consciousness, he was still setting up his toys preparing them for battle and saying things like, “Next DVD!” Finally, at 2:30am I called it quits on our marathon and sent my night owl to bed.

Tonight it’s 11pm and Paul and I are trying to have a “wrap party” with all the presents. You know, put on a Christmas movie, lay out the loot and make it look pretty. We put the kids to bed hours ago, but Andy’s bedside lamp is still on and he’s up there writing and reading and drawing more pictures about what he reads. That kid doesn’t tire!

But I sure do.

I’m counting on the one night a year when every kid can’t wait to go to bed and fall fast asleep. It’s only 6 days away! My plan is to start the Christmas Eve festivities around four, kids in bed by seven, and this Mrs. Claus conked out by eight.

It’s the most wonderful night of the year!


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  1. good heavens, in bed by eight!?!? I have kids sneaking down the stairs to see if santa came for several hours, and I haven’t gotten to bed before midnight on christmas eve probably since I was little myself and my parents would send me to bed.

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