Is There an Echo in Here?


My husband and I have been hearing echoes in our house lately. Some of the echoes are cute, and some disconcerting.

Lately, Luke has caught onto Paul’s catchphrase, “big fan.”

For example, “I’m a big fan of this dinner, mom.” Or, “I”m not a big fan of going to bed.”

The other Paulism Luke’s adopted involves hand gestures. First, Luke brandishes his right fist at his opponent, “Do you know what this is?” When they are stumped, he says “Rock!” Then he unsheathes his left fist and asks, “Do you know what this is?” Again, the opposition is dumbfounded. He replies, “Roll!” And then pumping his fists Rocky-style he exclaims in triumph, “Rock and Roll!!!” When used properly, it’s very intimidating.

Kate dotes and coos at Dean with the same phrases I use. It fills me with nostalgia because they are the same things I said to her when she was in diapers: “Ooooooh, I love those peaches and cream!” and “Come here, gorgeous!”

Dean mimics us both by holding anything small and electronic up to his ear and saying, “hello?” He does it with the computer mouse, the remote control and, of course, the phones.

Andy has started to use my low, authoritative voice. You know, the one I try and save for big time trouble. The problem is, he thinks everything is big time trouble. I used to think it was a menacing and effective voice. Now, hearing it through my eight year old, I’m not so sure. It’s like seeing yourself on television for the first time: “Do I really sound like that? Do I really make that face when I get excited? Is my hair really parted on that side?”

The kids are also echoing things we haven’t said in 25 years. When was the last time I sang, “Jingle bells, Batman Smells?” But my kids know that entire silly song. Verbatim. It amazes me how these schoolyard rhymes stand the test of time.

And then there are the expletives. Thankfully, Paul and I use pretty clean language, but I did hear Andy say the words, “aw, crap!” the other day. At church.

Aw, crap. I’ll have to watch that one.


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  1. parker sings the jingle bells, batman smells song as well. he credits kate and andy for teaching it to him in the van on the way home from the movies. he’s now passing the torch on to grant who only gets about 1/4 of it right.

    atleast most of the echoes are entertaining and harmless enough!

  2. That is hilarious! I cant keep a straight face when I see Alivia being “me” to Mia. I keep having to remind her who the mom is. Now I know how my mom felt every time I tried to take over her job. I still do sometimes, guess I just have to get use to it.

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