Homemade Secret Santas…shhhh


“I won’t tell you who has you, but it’s spelled D-A-D,” says my Kindergartner  Kate casting an aren’t-you-impressed-by-what-I-can-spell look around the table.  Her little brother Luke scrunches his eyebrows in attempt to decipher the cryptic message.

This year we decided to draw family names and make a homemade gift for that person. We know an other family who does this and they make each other the most beautiful, thoughtful things. The anticipation of who has who keeps them giddy all season long. The problem is, my kids can’t keep a secret. At all.

As soon as any of the kids suspect I’m pregnant, every neighbor, checkout lady and fast food cashier knows. Thinking of moving? My kids will have teachers calling the house and real estate agents at your door asking if the rumors are true.

As soon as we drew the names, the kids turned into shaken up cans of soda pop, ready to erupt with the slightest bit of pressure.  And, of course, pressure was applied.

“Who do you have! Who do you have???”  giggles Kate.

“I’m not teeeeellliinngg!” chants Andy.

And then start the clues.  Clues so obvious, Inspector Clouseau could decode them in a snap.

“My person rhymes with…”

“My person likes…”

And before you can say “red-nosed reindeer” they all look at each other with knowing eyes and big grins. But one surprise remains (well, six actually.) What will everyone make? Homemade gifts require some thought and someone to drive you to the craft store and supervise you using a glue gun, staple gun and/or sewing machine. Or in the baby’s case, someone to do it for you.  So here’s the rub: they can only get help if they keep their lips zipped. No exceptions.  So guess who the grand secret keeper is now?

Want to know what we are all making?

Can you keep a secret?


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  1. Margaret, I’m so glad you finally have a blog! I love catching up on the funny things your kids are always doing. There is never a dull moment at your house!

  2. Good for you. much more ambitious than I am- I would have four kids bugging me for ideas, help, etc. It would come down to me doing all of the work for at least two of the kids, and a good portion of the work for the other two. Madison has been making some homemade gifts- but that’s cause she’s poor. several of us are getting coupon books.

    • That’s because I’m not the caramel queen! How many orders this year? When are you going to get a website, take orders and outsource some of this? You could be the next Mrs. Fields!

      The gifts are not big–Luke is decorating a coloring book for Kate with fabric, felt and glitter. Andy is making Paul a pillowcase for camping, I’m making Dean a quiet book (that’s the biggest project to tackle) and “Dean” is transforming a headlamp for Andy (for reading at night) into a BYU fan’s headlamp with the help of some blue and white scraps and some logos. Go cougs. I really don’t know what Paul and Kate have up their sleeves.

      It snowed here last night. It’s a wonderland outside. So pretty.



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